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Comcast woodbury nj

Date:17 April 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast woodbury nj

We havent moved yet and comcast cut our service to our current address prematurely. This is not an effective way to boost your salesI am Rev. NO BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE A PERMITbr When I asked why I didnt have a permit I was told that my permit had expired . Also if they just move people who should be fired to a different rea company is just moving the problem that is causing me who does things right my money and personaly I just dont think its fair that TELEPERORMANCE does not think your rules and values countI believe they do without your calls Many would not have Jobs and that is the MAIN REASON I EMAIL THIS TO CORPORATE OFFICE

Does ComcastXfinity REALLY not care about me br LikeSaying nothing about credit check fees or billing in the first weeks false. To my surprice I picked up my mail yesterday and a have a Comcast billl for past due balance of with a tentative collection fee to increase from to I called them very upset and the rep told me I have active internet service at my house are you kidding me So it took me minutes over the phone to convence the stupid rep that I did not have the service at my house and I didnt want them anyway he didnt want to give me details on my account because I didnt have my account with me and I was not giving him the exact amount of my previous payment cause I was off by cents really So told the rep Riice or Reece that I would contact HQ for that then he was able to assist me and he assured I would get an email confirming my cancellation by tomorrow. I signed up for a two year stint. Well thats why I pay an extra fee for service problems. I called back when I got the message at am to say I will be there at am. I then cancelled all service with Comcast via phone call. please let me know how to go about it

I had different people tell me several times on different occasions that I could cancel my service within days if i was dissatisfied and I would owe absolutely nothing. No wonder there is no compassion for anyone other than themselves. Spending hours upon hours on the phone I decided to request a technician to come and check my connection being told that if there was a problem on Comcasts fault i would get compensated for paying for lower speed. So far this ordeal has cost us and counting which does not include me leaving work today at pm to make sure I am home by pm. FALSE ADVERTISING IS A CRIME. Their solution they called my year old mother after pm and when she informed them that I did not live there and she would give me a message in the morning to call She called my mother a noisy old bat. Absolutely unacceptable and rude Comcast SUCKS and your values SUCK Would not recommend you all to anyoneI wouldnt recommend it. I think you really should look into getting help with this company. Other ISPs may not provide good service but it is difficult to believe they could provide service as bad as that of Comcast. Until today my only complaint was the escalating rates for services. I had a residential account with comcast for more than years. We had a polite conversation and I explained that the lawn was sprayed and flagged but no digging or installation has occurred. I am deeply disturb I have numerous conversation with Comcast

Thank you so much ChillMoved from one home to another. An INJUSTICE was done to an year old customer AND Vet of our concussion headbands country which I witnessed and cant stand silently by and let this go unnoticed. They claim I wrote them a check that was returned in. So my husband spent more than an hour on the phone and we still dont have our DVR content back. Im a customer of ATampT and Direct TV. so what does that tell you GREED AT ITS BEST. It hadnt been a year yet shy days but because it was in the same MONTH I was told thats considered a year. That is if you can master getting past the automated LOOP which usually takes minutes and then connected to the wrong department or HUNG UP on. So far phone calls to get Compuzone killeen my account on a seasonal hold. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy PolicyJeff I had problems with the comfort zone oil filled heaters internet service dropping

comcast woodbury nj

Not to mention that we pay for Netflix Amazon hula tv that has unlimited useage but you are making them limited by charging us more for going over the set limit witch can be reached very quickly when you factor in all the technology uses Internet. I am deeply disturb I have numerous conversation with Comcast. He was so understanding of my situation and ordeal amp definitely tried to relate to me. Im having the same common stock and uncommon profits pdf download exact problem. They disgust meIm ready to start a class action lawsuit against comcast for constantly overcharging me and other customers. I requested someone be out by noon

I have never seen a whole company where they are all idiots and liars. Finally some one answered. What the representatives of Comcast tell me is that this increase of my bill is because my service is not bundled anymore. Several calls to CS have ended in more frustration than I even want to discuss including getting hung up on. br non of your agents were willing to honor hiddenthe credit check waiverbr That applies to those on disablity

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I REQUESTED SERVICES TWO WEEK AGO AND NOT INSTALLED YET. However the payment is due January as per the Comcast bill. I have never been lied to so much by a company. Went to file a written complaint on the Corporate website which I wrote but wouldnt let me submit stating invalid phone number. So she then transferred him to a Tier technician. Its ridiculous to call the customer service number and not have things accomplished. Still no ETA on when the technician would arrive. I HAD EVERY TECH COME TO MY HOUSE THEY NEW US BY FIRST NAME FINALLY THEY FIX THE TV IT WAS A WIRE ISSUE LOOK AT ALL THE NOTES ON MY ACCOUNT TECHS NOT SHOWING UP TO APPOINTMENT IF IT WASNT THE TV IT WAS THE PHONE HAD NO coming down ffdp PHONE FOR MONTHS TELLING MY FRIENDS MY PHONE IS DISCONNECTED BUT I COULD Commercial metals company irving tx MAKE OUT GOING CALLS FINALLY THAT WAS FIXED THEN THE INTERNET SOMETIMES YOU GET A SIGNAL SOMETIMES YOU DONT SOMETIMES YOU GET WIFI CONNECTION AND SOME DAYS YOU DONT. We have not been able to make International calls ever since we moved and had our phone number sent a technician out and we were asked to wait hours to check if the problem was resolved and it was for just the call and the issue have been promised calls backs once the issue is resolved but of course I DO NOT GET has become a personal issue as this is my wifes only means of communicating with her elderly father over am seriously commander chakotay considering switching to AT amp T. I have been a comcast customer for several years. I have the same problem

comcast woodbury nj

Only to be informed that my alarm had Compass career college hammond la went off. br I contact Comcast on June explaining why I as discontinuing the Protection Plan based whatbr transpired with both Technicians. George Brooks company that hires felons . I declined all four offers and was disconnected from ComcastXfinity. Additionally I purchased my own router and modem that are compatible with Comcast service as suggested by a representative

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    Of course it doesnt recognize it because Comcast disconnected the line. Ad ChoicesI found your broadcast of SNL on to be highly offensive and im sick of you owners letting this Hollywood trash continue to use tv as there sounding board about politics shame on you and you will never get a penny from meI agree class action lawsuit is needed. br Order go through as a result i got confirmation number on my email. Dont think so Reason for that comment everytime Comcast gives me something it always ends up costing me somehow

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Ive been trying to comcast woodbury nj get them to my home to fix some cable lines lying on the ground for months now. Everytime. Their solution they called my comcast woodbury nj year old mother after pm and when she informed them that I did not live there and she would give me a message in the morning to call She called compulsive talkers my mother a noisy old bat

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Compressionless cable housing I learnt that after assuring me that this issue will be resolved Fred went ahead and closed out the ticket claiming that there comcast woodbury nj was no issues. Comcast has been stringing me along for weeks. The customer rep told us we have to believe him

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In the Loganville area they have an assigned tech who has been out here before and lied he concrete batching plant software did work on the house and they charged us over hundred dollars. This is causing me to lose money I work frombr Home needing Internet Why isnt there a direct number or email for comcast woodbury nj corporate Comcast needs a reality checkChances are in their defines they need to run a cable comcast woodbury nj line to your house which requires city permits etc

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I will blast there company on social media also I will discontinue serviceIncompetent Employees I have received bullshit replies to why my installation has NOT comcast woodbury nj occurred conduent stock for almost month inconvenienced me greatly at this point I have taken off each day they were sent to my home and paid for substitutes as well as incurred additional charges from ATampT for surpassing my data plan as I do not have an unlimited plan. Wait appreciate your current customers ComcastI expect a comcast woodbury nj contact from someone from the home office who speaks english. I live in Ravenel SC

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I companion airfare could not agree more. SHAME ON YOUAfter this gets resolved I have bills that are hundreds of dollars incorrect by both companies. I spent the next minutes on the phone comcast woodbury nj with them to get back my tv and internet

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I go on line to pay it a week later and it. Do you comcast woodbury nj realize at in Europe they only pay a few bucks for their service which is communications merit badge workbook answers fantastic. I asked for a corporate contact and I was told they have one

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Do something Moving my service comcast woodbury nj now from comfort inn evansville in them to a different company. So I redid the area where the utility easement box is

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Br Now I am calling ATampT. If I wanted it east of Clinton County I would go to ch. Paying for top o the line DVR and HD equipment which is outdated and does concerta osmotic pump not respond to the broadband signals being broadcast comcast woodbury nj