Comcast waukegan il
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Comcast waukegan il

Date:28 December 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast waukegan il

Being a new year I think I am going to cancel my service because I am a year old well educated and I have little patience for stupidity or dumb answers. br I just moved to a new apartment and previous tenant had some bills pending of that location. I am going to take them to court because I have lost clients a lot of money job interviews etc because I do not have a phone. Close out our Comcast account move our landline to ATampT and move on. I wont be held liable

When corporate executives change new executive information is published on the corporate website . Because I bank on line and was able to obtain my payment history from June thru January . Im so discussed with how their employees handle themselves. There are no consequences for technicians lying about meeting appointment. So according to him I had to deal with his sorry excuse for an executive assistance. Xfinity broke their scheduled appointments only times in my case. She was so much professional helpful explained to me my bill so I would understand my cycle and SET UP ARRANGEMENT WITH ME that I can keep

BrOctober calls min sec and min secsbr Nov. I went on lie and went into the Net Flex account and was told it was not working I tried another account and got the same message. This is an extremely important issue. After speaking to Travis for over a hour he finally set me up a appointment for Tuesday march th. We had a polite conversation and I explained that the lawn was sprayed and flagged but no digging or installation has occurred. It has stress me to the maximum. I check my bill on still not done I called back and spoke with Christine another rep who barley speaks English and she transferred me to Jasmine in your Florida office who was not professional and rude refuse to let me speak with a supervisor and advised me that she would email management and I would have a call back in hours that was at am the time is now am no call back. I asked for a supervisor and no one was available. I spoke to different people in sales and two people in tax support. Nobody showed up on October th and nobody showed up on Oct st. They curse you out modify the customers name to expletives intentionally hang up on you and refuse to let you speak with supervisors upon request. When we set up her account the person on the other end of the phone put in the wrong last four of her Social Security number. COMCAST IS THE WORST Ever read their core values Nothing but Lies Ive been a new customer for week amp the first time I called in spoke to Michele who is outsourced in a call center and was told I had a certain package well come to find out that package didnt even exist. So to follow Alexandras question why isnt there any other viable options besides Comcast or why hasnt anything been done to resolve these issuesI switchd from Verizon to Comcast about years hoping better servicebr For the last months I have been struggling to get Comcast to provide me a reasonable internet cable and telephone service offer for my residence due to current unemployment but without success

Yet I was told to check with my bank regarding this matter. The technician came solved the issue and all my computers included wireless were at Mbs the speed I have been paying for. When are we the consumers going to wake up and make them realize that we the consumers are paying their salaries and growing their company. I have been waiting a week for service and youre right phone calls are a joke they hung up on me four times And I cant find a email address to and excutive officalsPeople bombard Conair 1500-watt upright fabric steamer the FCC with commuter rail newburyport all these complaints What good are you doing complaining on online when you know Comcast does not care how much you complain. They set up a appointment for Thursday March the th. I have spoken to supervisors. I recently transferred my services from one place to another. I recently had the experience of going into the local office for Comcast. So if they go comfort dental 24 hwy in my yard without notification I cant guarantee my dog wont bit tech. However Comcast claims it is my obligation to prove I do not owe the money. Get the rep jobs back on American soil. Now with the newly cable you just installed months ago you are blaming it on wear and tear issues br She sat there silent

comcast waukegan il

So my husband spent more than an hour on the phone and we still dont have our DVR content back. I have had a different issue every week including calls to my recently deceased mother after multiple calls to get compare and contrast conglomerate and evaporite the calls to stop yes they knew she was deceased. Their automated service sucks and you cant get a hold of an operator by pressing zero on the phone keypad because itll hang up on you. Comcast Customer Service is horrible. Spent the following day on the phone for hours speaking to numerous people got hung up on transferred times spoke tp a Lamar then Andrea. You state that xfinity users will have access to mobile hotspots as soon as the sign up for performance or higher internet. days out yet to have someone come and fix phone service

Mewnfarez comcastcares Ixve had constant disconnections for more than a year now. brI expect a contact from someone from the home office who speaks english. And we are planning the start holding meetings concerning this and possibly protests. state and am about to file complaints due to the poor service and the customer reps who have no clue as to what they are doing. I am discouraged and somewhat appalled with my recent correspondence with Comcast. for over years I have paid for two boxes and I returned two boxes

Dont get Verizon that is terrible. I put in a Commack florist transfer of service on March the rep set me up as new installation just to get commissionIts just to much to wright they should not even be able to have a company and treat customers this wayNot to mention I had an appt today after the th time left work early to be home between to find out they changed my appt without comsewogue my knowledge from no one can explain just tried to schedule me another day I am so done with comcast Fcc will here about this Help me Hiward Carmel on the case somebody need to do something about this horrible bussiness PeriodWhenever the problem exists ON THEIR END dropped signal X Box always refreshing etc. Y faltas de respeto desde el de October informe que me mudaba y pusieron citas q no vinieron comfort inn fort madison iowa todavia llamo y dicen que lo sienten mucho que me dan otra cita para el de November te cambian Los paquetes y uni ni se entera hasta que no te llega el bill que falta de todo y nada te resuelven el que se queda jodido es el cliente. She then insisted that I pay my bill in the lobby and get back in line if I needed further assistance. It is my understand that these calls are records somebody better listen to calls and give me a callback for all of this confusion. I have been a customer for more then years and after the last few weeks of events I am doing my homework to leave the company. Basically they are telling me that my time taking a day off from work is only worth. Also the billing comt mutation was off. Comcast has the worst costumer care and they definetly do not care about the costumers satisfaction time and money

comcast waukegan il

The tech arrived between and pm as promised and lo and behold concrete cutting and coring it was the wrong guy yet again. all I want is my cable relocated and I have been trying now for a month. finally got it Comfort inn bardstown ky to work on multiple. LET ME K NOW

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    And yet Comcast has the audacity to increase rates while reducing eliminating service. AT AMCareer AdviceI have been hung up on and transfered so many times it is ridiculous. xACoincidencexAOnly covfefe knows for sure. I HAVE SERIOUSLY HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR THREE WEEKS NOW. Please contact me

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I concord nc weather forecast scheduled installation appointment and comcast waukegan il have yet to see a tech. I finally spoke with a supervisor and afterwards I asked what was the purpose of talking with him because he did nothing

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Nobody called to reschedule. Judging by all the complaints about comcastall of which are very familiar. Nice when the people are trying to help you because they want to do their job but all they can do is comcast waukegan il read from a canned script and have a standard price menu and can do nothing comcast waukegan il else computer air navigation dead reckoning

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My daughter is battling cancer and I was guaranteed comcast waukegan il a continuance until January of when I can pay my bill in an agreement. Comcast is the worst company I ever had to deal with. Thank you Gloria McEnteeCOMCAST SUCKS BALLS you all run a terrible service and comedyguys com login you better be thankful comcast waukegan il youre the only thing in Salisbury MD available to college students

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Your website pledge to the community comcast waukegan il is reeks of lies in light of these comments. I was advised more than compucom sucks a year ago that problem had been corrected

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I will be talking to my attorney about this tomorrow. Comcast Y is my comcast waukegan il internet speed MBs down amp MBs up when I pay for MBs down amp MBs up ComcastCares xfinity comcast comerica theatre seating chart brcomcast Hey Comcast

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Again I called Comcast and comcast waukegan il spoke with Christine. So tierd of this go here go there game they are playing pretty sure thats a no noTwilitIfrit IF ITxS REALLY A COMCAST ONLY PROBLEM IxM GOING TO BE REALLY PISSED BECAUSE ALL comfort inn richmond indiana MY FRIENDS CAN PLAY BUT I CANxT brYou will all be happy to know they were finedHERE IS HOW I WAS HARASSED Below is comcast waukegan il the dates calls were made to Comcast they do not include the calls I made from my office and my wifes cell phone. I waited from pm to pm

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This company does not care about their customers. I have been with Comcast almost a year since Ive been with down the service sucks every como hacer pozole de puerco rojo time I try to get other service the cable services is always comcast waukegan il Comcast nothing is ever available in Broward County not Uverse no DirecTV comcast waukegan il always comcast so thats something you have to deal with it they ripped in they in steel your money im always mailing in my payment in I mailed in it been almost weeks and they still aint find my money comcast waukegan il Its been almost weeks and they comcast waukegan il still aint find my money and it was another time before I moved were Im at now I order some cable and they comfort inn goshen in sent out comcast waukegan il all my equipment for me to install my own stuff and I kept missing the UPS man and Comcast went to send me comfort suites morristown tn a bill for and somethere and I never received My equipment in Never plug it up and never watch comcast waukegan il no channel and they sent me a bill COMCAST is a rip off they always saying that youll bill will be one thing and its always another how could somebody get a cable bill for or or thats outofcontrol when is hardly be anything on TV watchI have been customer for years three months ago was supposed to be locked in a year contract but evert time I get a bill it goes uup first fifteen dollars then this month it was twenty five dollars more I am getting very disgusted with the way comcast handles things

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Br With ATampT for example I had to send a letter certified mail to extract a qualified comcast waukegan il disposition of a lengthy issue. i called to see why and they cant see a cable box in use but are saying that i have it. Repeated my commander in chief of my pimp ship information literally times