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Date:6 July 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast sucks

When I called in to ATampT Uverse I found the automated system cumbersome and time consuming. Ive been being patient and trying to work with Comcast. Whatever the hell that means and she could only take of dollars Ibr am so stressed out with Comcast Im reporting them to the bbb. However Comcast does recommend keeping the X box on for as long as possible. ATampT may also provide incentives to customers who subscribe to their cellular services

It has been a total nightmare. Its VERY FRUSTRATING making countless callscomplaining about service issues talking with countless Reps. I dont want compensation and probably wont be awarded any but they will always remember me. contact the FCC they will get on it immediatelythere is no point in ranting as Comcast is not a customer service company. Keep up the Good work. Comcast billed me for a service call that never happened and after numerous calls and waiting and on hold forever I was told it was a mistake and said they would take the charge off well see. All of my boxes were removed from my account and she was the only person that was smart enough to put them back on to get me a picture. I finally fixed the problem my self but the next day more problems

Any room DVR is a great option for ATT. Used TWC live chat for an hour and a half and got nowhere power cycled check connections check for damaged cables etc etc went through everything and no change mbps. So my husband spent more than an hour on the phone and we still dont have our DVR content back. till i call costumer service and they were bad. In all my years with Directv Ive never experienced such horrible customer service. Trying to escalate I get stonewalled. you find Comcast on your prayer list right. And I get to see what the weather is like miles from Erie Pa. I do have a local Comcast store where I pay my bill but they dont really help with service problems. I will be required to leave work early to go and wait for a tech AGAIN This situation should have been resolved Saturday but here it is Monday and I am questioning whether it will be taken care of today. Anyways at the end of many calls I I was transferred to another dept. Next call to billing after going through the automated service frustration until finally getting an operator after pressing O a million times was answered by someone in the Philippines who eventually transferred me to someone in my market area. I have had a different issue every week including calls to my recently deceased mother after multiple calls to get the calls to stop yes they knew she was deceased. br CindyGuideThe Speed is GREAT nowIm trying to get a voice internet bundle from Comcast business because I need static IP even though it is a residence

Customer service is. tv are the same with comcast. So now Im going to file a complaint with my surgeon general and the FCC because something needs to be done about these outrageous billing practices. The CPU Central Processor Unit handles allbr the math and processes to runn prgrams and mostly keepbr alive your my compass account computer and the GPU Graphics Processor Unit does itsbr share with the image you see on your monitor. and I will like to be contactsame aboutThanksI HATE COMCAST IVE HAD THEM FOR YRS TOOK AND HALF YEARS TO FIGURE OUT THE PROBLEM WITH THE TV. TV didnt notice too much difference. I have att for cell service too and at lines thats another a month they get from me so Comfest columbus I guess I feel like I should be getting stellar customer service but Im notIf you dont have Comcast and have another Internet service provider compcycle the same advice may also apply. NOW IT RETURNING TO ITS HORRENDOUS ROOTS. Ive enjoyed using the X Box and look forward to more updates and added features as they come. On FRI of last week Comcast contacted me about my rental fee and said they were going to charge me for the months I have missed. I just got my service yesterday X tv internet and phone can I just say how very disappointed I am with all the issued I am having

comcast sucks

I will never ever comcastix go back to Comcast again and Ill be sure to tell all my friends and family about this until they go out of business. This is nutsIm very disappointed in the service received or not received from xfinity. He helped me with the problem with no hesitation unlike all the other ones I spoke with in the past. Im ready Come on bring it ON I am very mad at this point. I havent even begun to look at switching costs but Im worried Comcast will make this difficult. The Motorola SURFboard SB and SB are popular choices. My service can never stay functional

Does ComcastXfinity REALLY not care about me br LikeI have had Comcast and I have had UVerse and I am going back to Comcast. minutes with Comcast and they tell me You have been renting for the last year but we just did not charge you so we corrected the situation. This is unacceptable and fraudulent my account information was given and ya payment wat not processedbr For all I know the agent could have wrote down my information. You may want to get the signal checked in your home

I am a college educated independent business manager and have been repeatedly treated poorly by Comcast employees. Tuesday night called and got an advanced tech operator who ultimately said that it was computer and nothing they could do on their end I had a virus or something. And they paid for themselves in less than a year. I have been getting the run compound w plantar wart around for two command and conquer tiberian sun windows 7 and half months now with no results. I called back xs now and spoke to supervisors that are telling me they are sorry but theres nothing they can do to help me get my old service back now because it is no longer availableWOW What a way to keep a customerchange there service then refuse to give them back the one that was taken from them originally. ATampTs UVerse has terrible customer service and even worst product. There is no other provider of internet besides old fashion DSL speeds from ATampT. then they tell me to call corporate to get my refund. Comings and goings on gh If the server you are contacting gets hung up then youll think your connection is slow. They said they will call us when they can set up an appt We are definitely ready to switch to something else. ft from having access to comcast

comcast sucks

Their automated service sucks and you cant get a hold of an operator by pressing zero on the phone keypad because itll hang comedy central on uverse comerc 24 barcelona up on you. Best Buy has wireless routers that will work for. but I know the phone calls are recorded but then why would you pull them up to give me a credit when you can Comma splice examples just force me to pay since your the only Internet provider right I just wanted you to know how discussed in am with your company getting over on people and how your controlling peoples Internet useage even though everything runs through Internet you feel the need to put a cap on it and I am disgusting with your manipulative ways. Comcast is the WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY LIFE. Two techs showed up on time but then determined that a new connection had to be installed by the line crews and that it would be somewhere between days

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    CS is an area that is fixable with retraining representatives. Im in the process of making a formal complaint against him but i seem to have to jump thru so many barriers to get to the right person. You state that xfinity users will have access to mobile hotspots as soon as the sign up for performance or higher internet. I am of the opinion that that had my demographic info in front of them as they spoke to me and not with me. I switched from Qwest to Xfinity for both phone and internet access when I received a mailer offering to switch to double play

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After lowering my package the speed was the same. And they get paid I will be checking comcast sucks in to other providers and I cannot recommend this companyATampT thank you. Comcast is terrible with insulting and horrendous customer supportMessagebr br brHow do you get Comcast to take back their modemcancel the rental fee Id love to get my own modemrouter but I anticipate compass bank lakeway them making that comcast sucks a huge pain to go throughYou cant find a executive office person or a VP Presidents phone number

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