Comcast service center englewood co
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Comcast service center englewood co

Date:2 April 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast service center englewood co

Most of our seniors does not have cable. Well I am still using ATampT. I spend at least minutes a month talking to a representative about my Comcast bill. I put stars because I am star hot. We have not had phone service for days

I expect the same from you. to complain not sure what good that will do but I hope something. I am a cancer survivor stage breast cancer amp the reason I keep Comcast is so I can watch the Yankees. When will you get your stuff together. My wife and I have been dealing with your company for nearly years combined. all home services out for no reason

GionniNoVersace its like whenever there is an xfinity outage in my neighborhood a tmobile outage follows. I understand on record there have been complaints to Comcast. brPage last updated by suzanesmith comcast xfinity x problems support brbbrettkali comcast xfinity is there an outage in fort lauderdale for cableinternet brKeevaPNW xfinity there has been an outage since last night and i cant reach anyone through your cs getting really frustrated with lack of service brI was informed to pay a certain amount and paid it to make payment arrangements to keep the services active. Then I get these on demand service credits that are invalidjswainhart jesusrodxxx comcast you seem to misunderstand the issue. The technician replaced the box and the problem was resolved. What happened Why did my rate go upWe spend over dollars a month for service. There has not been any notification that this option was changed. Then the day of install they show up and tell me that we need to pay upfront for a non wireless modem but if we go wireless then there is no charge. Once again at am. I was considering switching to Comcast when I moved. At a time when family members are stressed with going through these difficult times your company is not using good discretion with these sensative issues. Either the service is fixed by Thursday permanently or we will move on to one of their more reliable competitors. I tried calling customer service. You can look it up but I think we have had your service going on three months. The bill is pay as a part of my lease. I heard you have a nit wit who bought your company

I signed up in February of and disconnected service in Comfort suites south padre island July of. I heard you have a nit wit who bought your company. Okay I thought. My phone call today was with Amber and her main goal was to road block me with my concern. Service is horrible. All of my checks are bouncing now. Great thanks for your help. When I finally answered the third time I heard a recorded message asking if I wanted to reduce the interest on a credit card I dont even have. They gave me the wrong one since December and overcharged me a condom catheter amazon lot of money. If you piss me off more Ill cancel the whole Triple Play and start a new relationship with Verizon Triple Play. this has now been going on for six weeks

Next day Eli tech come and realized our signal was too low at sets for setting up X. LoDigga xfinity is consistently horrible no connection every minutes. I ask are you able to contact them by computer. I submitted a complaint with the communication Commission. After I finally got through to Kim that what I was complaining about was something different from what she assumed she transferred me comme des garcons sample sale to the quotComplaint Deptquot. Each time I made a followup call I was given a fraudulent answer or transferred to another department

I know nothing will be done but hey I am good. How do they stay in business They have the worst service and dont care about the customers at all. for months. I have received different phone calls from the Southwest Credit Group attempting to collect on your behalf. He told me he was only authorized to charge people

Waited until later and got another text saying it was resolved. choose no internet. Comcast support tech never showed. i am currently with charter and with comso no contracts either. I hate this round around and the horrible service. Appt made for Sunday April pm To five. We pay a lot monthly for triple play Internet is down all the had a tech come out replaced some wiring said signal now great. The tech came hooked a little gadget to the wall outlet and said I need a rewire. Made apt at compass clinical associates am the tech shows up at walks in my house and then walks outside and says he has been moved to another route. I did call about three or four weeks ago and talked to a rep about running the line under the house. I was charged shipping Comtec networks and other charges. Not to mention the hours the cable went out when the Grammys came on

comcast service center englewood co

I am a cancer survivor stage breast cancer amp the reason I keep Comcast comfort inn sioux city ia is so I can watch the Yankees. Cohen. Told me problem was on their end to be fixed by next week. In doing so I had to wait an additional minutes or so Comtel pro media to make my payment and spent a total of about minutes just to make a simple payment

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    The agent in Mexico resolved our issue in minutes before we ended the call with Jade and Jay and she was most polite. My daughter is helping with my billing and they have done this to her. All have the same trouble. Whats more when my wife asked for an email to submit a written complaint we were refused an email or website and only provided with a mailing address. I have a safety issue. Turns out the Thursdays arent originating with engineers but with Technician Alex who tells me shes had no communication with engineers

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All home services out for no reason. My husband and myself live conagra foods lamb weston on a fixed income that is why I pay on the rd comcast service center englewood co or th of the month. I cant believe the mess you have made of my life and how you have treated me like crap