Comcast ripoff

Comcast ripoff

Date:30 July 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast ripoff

They are a joke and tired of talking to damn Syrian refugee on the fucking phone. Also Im sure yall fucks at comcast track this garbage since privacy just doesnt fucking exist anymore so fuck you all. My grandfather died a few years back and he had comshit cable. It amazes me as to how this company can getting away with baiting customers into signing contracts. Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast. Fuck Comcast. You piece of fuck. No matter how long youre a customer with them they will still give the new customer the better deal. Then they transfer me to a third party tech support that wants personal info a credit card and to fixmy computer. We have been a customer for years in the same location

Fuck Comcast. To lower my bill they told me no chances. Fuck Comcast. Fuck ComcastThan deal with this god awful shit. Apparently Comcast expects people to relocate to a new home around their Comcast contact. Fuck Comcast. What law we asked. Its a good paying job. They always say well send someone out to resolve the issue it should be working by. I have relocated to a location that they do not provide services and that is my fault. Same with the people on the phone that you have to talk to. br br I came from satellite which people say is so unreliable yet i could actually depend on satellite unless there was an extreme storm. Fuck Comcast. IF i can shove that cord up your ass i would. We call and ask for help

Br br Our phones are down daily. There is no excuse for this. Oh I didnt do comedy works denver schedule anything fucking different this month and somehow were close. Im going to another company for this. down and up. Fuck Comcast. If you are lucky you will eventually talk to a real person after listening to nauseating bad and loud jazz or blues or something. And hell Im only years old. Or just by Condor parang itself. I asked why they couldnt refund the debit card that was used and he says they dont have that ability

comcast ripoff

I called to change my plan. Fuck Comcast. They tell me the problem is on my end and I need a new modem. br COMCAST br Everything w concordville nissan pa Everything would be fine if you wouldnt jack with my internet services when I pay an extra for High Speed Internet. Never play their games. Fuck Comcast

They never can understand English or speak English for one. Fuck Comcast. Fuck Comcast. Fuck Comcast. So i decided to rent one of comcast modemrouter combo

Fuck Comcast. Fuck Comcast. Same thing when you press record you cant rewind and record something if you press record it starts at live only. Fuck Comcast. That means I cancel Amazon Prime Netflix Comfort call hebburn dont use Google and a slew of other internet services so why dont they take more of a stand against these practiceseven though I only receive basic internet with no TV which they advertised to be dollars my monthly bill ends up actually being. We are anxious and willing to join forces with victims and attorneys to stand up for the rights of consumers and help them get commander compass app justice. GONE I called Comcast. Fuck Comcast. Fuck Comcast

comcast ripoff

Three months ago I closed my Comcast account and paid off all we owed which was almost comp thumpr cam for a month of crappy Comcast. Comcast doesnt allow you to use hbogo on the sony ps or ps. I ask well lets put the account in my Compx national keys name. Havent you cocksuckers learned anything from all the bad press you got in the last few years Dumb motherfuckers

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    Who pays the price here Me. I am moving and apparently moving out of their footprint and cannot complete my contract because they cannot provide service to that area so Im being charged a disconnection fee. Fuck Comcast. Guy shows up in his truck around. I do They need to have their ENTIRE company shut down. Fuck Comcast

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