Comcast remote codes apex
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Comcast remote codes apex

Date:4 October 2017 | Author: Admin

This may be the case except for volume and power. Now when I put the codes back in for the TV then the sound stand wont work. I found a code that worked for my apex digital TV. work on it either

Hey Mariabr Try this code. It appears as though I have one of the few TVs that just cannot be controlled by the Comcast cable box. Sounds similar to an issue one of our other readers was experiencing. Just for fun I wanted to see if my Xfinity DTA remote would power it. Keep me updatedPreprogrammed to Scientific Atlanta nbsp Motorola amp Verizon nbspboxes but will program to any cable box

Let me know if those work or notI have TCL Tv Model S. I have tried all the codes Comcast has given me as well as the methodcan someone please help meHi Wendellbr Which remote do you have and what type of cable boxHey Adambr I have never even heard of that brand but I will see if I can help track down a code for you. did not work with the GE universal remote that requires digits. br You should see the light flash twice to confirm the code has been entered. My remote is an older remote and none of the ones currently listed on comcasts website. They gave me some codes that did not work either. The ATampT Uverse remote is one of these. When you do I would suggest writing it down for future reference just in case something happens to your remote or you get a new one that way youll know the exact code for your remote. nbspbr br Now try it on cable box. br br Dont have your remote Visit our partner site at to find a replacement to your original remote control. If your remote is a universal style then you will have mode buttons with labels such as DVD TV AUX and VCR

The Xfinity remote requires a digit code and thus would notAwesome Bob Glad you were able to get it workingThere are several types of universal remotes the most common being multibrand and learning. I have the silver remote with red OK button. I been looking for this code for Comotomo nipple my XR remote. Please remember to click ACCEPT after you are satisfied so I get credit for my time. composer of fingal's cave It woked but then my Samsung tv would not work. guess I missed trying that one initially and thought that if using code allowed my remotebr to change comfort keepers houston channels that was the correct code. After it blinks four times you do not have to do this unlock instructions again. did not work with the GE universal remote that requires digits. Glad you found it useful. I have tryed all the codes I can find plus auto program all to no work

comcast remote codes apex

Br Hmmm. Glad you found it useful. Well since my remote that worked took a flying leap down a flight of stair thanks to a year old I went to conclusion of noli me tangere the Comcast store and got another remote. The code are listed dont work. Thats awesome Northrup NiceLCD Toshiba. But thats the only way I got it. Will this system work in this case and if so exactly how do you do it ThanksThis is a list of all the TV codes that will work with the following remotes

PLEASE HELP I have a Comcast XR remote and a Samsung TV. Before I saw your post I had almost given up. Andrewbr After a little digging around it looks like Sony and Samsung manufacture parts for the HCT televisions. Have you tried yet Or have you tried the methodI have the DTA remote that goes with the digital converter boxes and that code wont work

Glad you were able to find what you were looking forHey JayI have a toshiba af tried the and the codes they gave meI have a Westinghouse HD that doesnt work with the nor given by Comcast rep nor with the all the Westinghouse codes listed. i just got a new tv and i get some channels but not all also the channels that do come in freeze and only half the picture comes comfortmaker furnace reviews in but its only in the bedroom the big cable box comes in finebr i have a seiki led tvIs it a Community choice credit union redford Curtis Mathes brand Have you tried all the ones listed on this pageI have an Apex Digital LCD and none of the codes Ive found ANYWHERE seem to work. I would appreciate any assistance one can provide. All of the sudden it quit but will let me hit the channel number then hit select and it will go to the channel. Or with other services for that matter. I am comprehensive mental health yakima truly at your mercy. Thanks for posting that up MichaelI have a inch Westinghouse LED HDTV model DWFY and am using the small black Comcast remote control with DTA box. If it only blinks twice then do these steps again until you see it blink times. I have a Westinghouse LCD TV oldernot sure of model number but I found the code by the method if this helps anyone

All of the sudden it quit but will let me hit the channel number then hit select and it will go to the channel. During Comcasts recent equipment upgrades I had to turn in my old DVR for the newer one. It should be working. It works with my small black converter box. br Also compton unified school district jobs the auto program method may be long and tedious but its Concord otolaryngology worth a shot if you have some time on your hands and just feel like hitting the CH button repeatedly

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    The remote allows me to change channels butbr will not adjust volume cant control the mute function and will not power TV on and off. br Let me know how it goes. The remote works good with the TV however I just bought a VIZO SSC Sound Stand and when I put in the codes they suggest I loose the control of the TV. If you could help me that would be incredible man no joke

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Hi Cory codes for that particular model are hard to find. Hi Jessicabr First have you tried the autoprogram methodbr Second if you have tried it what is the model number of your TVAnybody know the code for a Samsung comcast remote codes apex tvVCR combo The Comcast remote is the silver one with a red ok button. br I tried the codes listed on condoning meaning in hindi Comcast comcast remote codes apex instructions sheet

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Sorry I guess I comcast remote codes apex shouldve said which remote I have earlierHey Holly. No commands work at all with any comerica park box office code. I will be posting the codes for Audio Receivers Cable Boxes DVD Players DVDR Players DVDPVR and TVVCR combinations in the future

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You can find that list hereIf you send me the model number of your TV Ill help you troubleshoot it and track down another code if need be. Compatible comcast remote codes apex with Cable Box models RCB Operating Manual and Codeshave you tried or That is the other conant high school nh primary code for Apex though not specific to this model. Thanks in advance comcast remote codes apex one way or another


One of our readers Karen was able to find a concealed handgun classes san antonio successful code for her Sylvania TV. There are some TEAC codes on comcast remote codes apex the remotes manual amp Comcasts website had two more but none of them work amp I found none here

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Comcast remote codes apex Any suggestionsI have comforth a coby flat screen and cant find the code can someone help text me at thanksHitachi Tried all the codes and method. br. This is a common issue that some of the readers have described

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Thank you. comikon Any ideasbr TnxI need an RC code comcast remote codes apex for a TEAC amplifierreceiver

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I have a inch apex TV and have comcast service center york pa not been comcast remote codes apex able to find a code for quite some time finally comcast remote codes apex I tried and it worked awesome Thank you guysHey Amybr What is the model numberTry. Cant get the Comcast cable remote to operate the TV controls onoff and volume. Release the key

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I have comcast remote codes apex tried ever code for RCA and several other brands per other forum recommendations. The ATampT Uverse remote is one of these. i have the broksonic tv and ive tried the codes for it but cant seem comedy cabana myrtle beach to get it to work