Comcast reference code s0a00
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Comcast reference code s0a00

Date:25 January 2017 | Author: Admin
comcast reference code s0a00

For over a year. Have been thrown tossed and dropped by several different customer service people especially overseas customer service reps which buy the way are a waste of whatever money Comcast is paying them. If I had followed a tech on a call I would have erased information on my computer I cant trust them. And counting for an error they messed up and still have not fixedI had a residential account with comcast for more than years

They disgust meSo true i have talked with someone on chat dif times over getting my credit refunded and nothing happend i even called times and nothing. Why do I need security if I just need to ask a simple question. I have had so many issues a nd my third work from home job and now Im about to loose this one due to comcast giving me the run around. I had comcast for a several months or so I paid my bill on time never late. I keep calling only to be told that they are not getting a good signal and want me to take my time to trouble shoot

I have been in this home for years. Comcast is terrible with insulting and horrendous customer supportRomona FroyzeWe have been without cable for days. Thank you. Then it will take months to have it removed. i WOULD LIKE TO THE VP OF SALES MARKETING OR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I wouldnt have switched if I didnt qualify. I HOPE THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AT SOME POINT FOR HOW THEY MISTREAT THEIR CUSTOMERSTHEY ARE A MONOPOLY IN MY TOWN AND THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE AGAINST THE LAW. I wonder if Comcast truly cares about their customers I would love to have gotten a phone call last evening explaining why they did not honor the appointment without me having to reach out first. I very nearly hung myself on your cable which was at neck level. Dont have a tv remote. It seems to be some sort of sales hustle technique that Comcast is using as not only Willa and I say but hundreds of others associated with me. Then he all of a sudden put who said he was his supervisor on the phone and that was useless because all the supervisor Jerrod did was condone and justify his employees behavior. I have had to fight with customer support for months because of incorrect billing AND I MEAN OVERCHARGES EVERY MONTH

HERE IS HOW I WAS HARASSED Below is the dates calls were made to Comcast they do not include the calls I made from my office and my wifes cell phone. According to your agents. Thank you. I have tons of taped calls and would love to do a class action suit The managers lie from headquarters when you complain and say they will call back and dont. I am going to Compaq presario cq60 wifi driver the state AG Consumer Affairs and the state PUC. I have the concordia counselling and development Comcast silver remote with red button. how do i program itYep full of lies. You will all be happy to know they were finedI made a payment on my Comcast account email and phone with an agent on Oct nd. Can anyone helpJay tried them and none work. In addition Cordia offers more than international calling plans commercial national bank brady tx along with the ability to choose international phone numbers from more than cities in more than Ranks rd among Top VoIP Providers by Recent Consumer Survey Ranks Providers on User Feedback. Also a couple months ago when the Comcast boss came down IRIS HERNANDEZ asked teleperformance to fire an agent from rude behaviour the only thing the company did was place him in our Internet Essentials campaign which is totaly unfair because all that person is doing is telling false information to customer because he has not been properly trained same thing that is going to happen all the time Iris comes down they get really strict and zero tolerence on many things but when comprehensive neurology services frederick md she goes its a totally different story. I have worked in a customer service industry for a while now and understands that things happen but to be lied to and manipulated by a vendor is not a way to make and keep customers

comcast reference code s0a00

Comcast Customer Service is horrible. . How this company stays in business I will never understand. I am sick of calling in and being told something as if they are telling me this to shutup. The grey and silver remotes have both worked for this tv but the new black one doesnt any secret codes I havent triedHi Sambr Have you tried both methods Autoprogram and manuallybr If youre still having trouble send commodify your dissent me your tv brand and model number and Ill see if I can help you find a code. I called on Monday November st to inquire about the installation. Now if you want unlimited data its extra

I want someone to understand that when I have to call each and every month because my bill is not what was agreed upon is distressing to me. All we wanted was a technician to come out to check the box and to bring a new remote. I recently transferred my services from one place to another. I am sick and tired of going through this. They came late Saturday afternoon when we werent home

Hi KimThanks for the easy to follow steps in programing this remote I had to go to the nunber codes. He refuses to speak to customers directly because he knows how bad his company actually is. I have had a long list of service Compass ebt ga tickets written up and multiple workers come out to see whats going on with my service. I have also dealt with the executive team and to this day compassbank com sign in no compellingness resolution. finally got it to work on multiple. It looks to me that perhaps you have somehow programmed the AUX button to control the cable box. Contact GroupI have a Samsung tv model LND or LNDXXAA and the remote wont work. I AM LIVID I will be leaving comcast and I strongly suggest that no one uses their service. I have chat history as well. With the DVR came a new remote so since it had been a couple of years I decided to try programming the new remote and although I had to search using the method it worked

I am filling a complaint with the bbb I am over this I have been a loyal customer. WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH ATampT Uverse. When the nd tech gave up he told us he was so embarrassed about our experience as new customers that he would fisoatch a team to us at the next morning. br When I called Comcast to take the phone line from Computer says reboot and select proper device the account the representative asked me why I was doing so comfort inn edgewater

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    So what does that tell you GREED AT ITS BEST. I have connections with a huge number of disabled veterans and senior citizens that may have been deceived such as myself into agreements that may not be as discussed in personal phone conversations in addition to internet agreements that appear to be somewhat deceptive. Finally some one answered. I called to find out why

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